The Take It Back Foundation, a non-profit environmental organization, was founded in 1990 by activist Jolie Jones to generate public awareness, education and response to the ever-growing environmental crisis. Through innovative communication-driven activities and community and corporate involvement, the Take It Back Foundation seeks to encourage recycling efforts at the local, national and international levels.

In 1990 the Take It Back Foundation created “Yakety Yak — Take It Back!”, a music video designed to promote recycling awareness with the participation of the world’s leading musical artists in live-action and animated up-beat recycling messages. The “Yakety Yak — Take It Back!” video received the following awards:

  • Environmental Media Association (EMA) Best Video
  • Parent's Choice Video Award
  • American Lung Association Award
  • Environmental Protection Agency Special Recognition Award

As part of the “Yakety Yak — Take It Back!” campaign the Take It Back Foundation worked with the Close Up Foundation to develop supplementary educational materials for classroom and adult use. In the fall of 1991 these classroom guides were incorporated into California’s classroom curricula as well as in other states around the country. The Take It Back Foundation was instrumental in developing the Resolution that was introduced in 1991 to both the House and Senate to declare April 15th “National Recycling Day.”

Jolie & Natalie Cole
Jolie Jones and Natalie Cole on the set of the Take It Back video shoot.

The Foundation’s Advisory Council includes experts from: Council On Economic Priorities, Natural Resources Defense Council, Environmental Defense Fund, Institute for Local Self Reliance, Worldwatch Institute, National Toxics Campaign, USA for Africa, Citizens Clearinghouse for Hazardous Waste, Californians Against Waste, Cities in School, Inc., Seventh Generation and the United Nations Environment Programme.


Jolie & Sen. LIeberman
Jolie Jones and Senator Joseph Lieberman discuss the creation of “National Recycling Day.”